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TTW Audio is a dynamic company providing turntable concepts and designs with complete in house manufacturing at our Aerospace CNC machining facility in Newmarket, Ontario Canada..

A great selection of turntable upgrades and accessories including  Outer Ring Clamps, Mats, Center weights and SoundPoints. The World Class Eliminator Turntable starts at  $3999.00.

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Current News

A very busy year and we have some very nice trade in tables at excellent prices READ MORE>>>>>



The new AVRO Tone Arm is a resonance controlled bearing mount system with gimbal type bearings employing a unique oil dampening system to manage arm resonance when in motion. The AVRO Super Precision provides simple adjustments in all planes of the Cartridge alignment.  Our new Dial a VTA system provides an anaolgue dial indicator system providing a large readout of the tone arm's actual VTA position, adjustments have never been so easy and no tools are required.

 The NEW GEM CU9999 is released 42 Lbs of copper bliss direct rim drive read more....

Super Cool FINALLY an arm lift for $63.95 for manual tone arms read more....

Coming Soon TTW Eliminator V2 Versa-Glide Tone Arm

Introducing the "Super Jelco" Economy High End Series

Introducing Eliminator Versa Glide Modular Tone Arm Upgrades for Jelco Tone Arm read more....

Read about a very Happy MOMENTUS CU9999 Customer......The Momentus V2 Copper is TTW's newest flagship table. If I could use one word to describe the turntable...SPECTACULAR !.....Read More 

Eliminator CU9999 Rim Drive 40 LB Copper Platter Rim Drive....Read More.. 



The new GEM Anniversary Turntable with the New Stainless Steel VTA Pod ....Read More....

TTW Audio Reference Series CU99999 Copper Platters for the MOMENTUS and GEM RIM drive Turntables.

New and Revolutionary 60 Plus Pounds of Solid Copper

We have been developing the world’s purest (99.9999 % copper) and most massive copper platters for the MOMENTUS and GEM Rim Drive turntables…READ MORE…….

June  2013 we are introducing the "Eliminator" Tone arm  Cable HIGH END 9 N Copper tripled shielded / Custom CNC machined connectors for only $489.00..!!

The long awaited single form molded turntable belt for the GEM and MOMENTUS table have arrived...Read More...

The NEW Copper Alloy Outer Rings Series!

We are proud to introduce our new line of 10 outer ring designs to provide the  best ring for your specific budget and performance priced from $263.00 to $811.00. The best selling outer rings in the World has now expanded to the OUTER EDGE ....simply the best turntable tweak on the planet.....Read More

The NEW Events Calender:

NEW! TTW Audio "The Silver Bullet Compact" Outer Ring 1.3 Lbs great for the VPI Traveler read more...  

The new Silver Bullet Periphery Outer Ring If you have never heard your analogue system with an outer ring, then you most certainly are missing some of the magic read more...

Introducing the new direct drive platter upgrade the “Silencer” Mat was designed primarily for direct drive turntables but will benefit any turntable where a quieter background would be beneficial Read More...

The Eliminator has landed....“Where Aerospace meets Audio and True Sound will Take Flight” starting at just over $3,000.00......Read More. 


Introducing the  Blue Circle Phono Stages...Musical details especially piano jump out and are so well defined it gives you Goosebumps. A 3 dimensional sound stage I have never heard. High level sound is effortless and the blackness of back ground is unflawed efforless and flowing musical presentation.





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